Power Rangers Timeline

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Blue panels are believed to remain "in-continuity" (they were not shown excised by time travel). Green panels were the result of time travel (they may or may not mirror the timeline's original state). Red panels were either excised by time travel or were never considered in-continuity. Brown panels are unresolved, or they represent an in-continuity alternate universe.

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?? million years ago ("millions of years" before "Big Sisters")

  • Circa the beginning of "the battle between good and evil," sorcerers place the Power Eggs at sea on Earth, believing their "ancient ancestors" will watch over them.
  • "Big Sisters"

?? million years ago ("many millennia" before "Kick into Overdrive")

  • Moltor and Flurious are imprisoned while trying to steal the Corona Aurora. Sentinel Knight sends the crown's jewels to "uninhabited" planet Earth.
  • "Kick into Overdrive, part 1" (Moltor and Flurious imprisoned, jewels scattered, Pangaea seen in flashback, crown's modern discovery)
  • "Way Back When" (jewels' locations detailed, Pangaea mentioned for time frame)

150 million years ago

  • The Q-Rex arrives from the 30th century; time-travelers Wes, Eric, and a mutant take it to 2001. The related Quantum Morpher will also be found in 2001.
  • "The Quantum Quest" (date, Quantum Morpher)
  • "Clash for Control" (Q-Rex)

65 million years ago

  • Keeper crash-lands on Earth and bonds the Energems with dinosaur spirits.
  • Keeper's bomb cripples Sledge's ship and looses Sledge's asteroids on the Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs. Fury remains stranded on Earth.
  • "Powers from the Past"

65 million years ago

  • An asteroid wipes out the dinosaurs and deposits the Dino Gems.
  • "Dark Specter's Revenge, part 1" (date)
  • "Day of the Dino" (Dino Gems)

100,000 years ago

  • On Earth, Koda finds the blue Energem but becomes trapped in a glacier.
  • "A Fool's Hour" (age) / "Return of the Caveman" (flashback) / "Breaking Black" (glacier mentioned)

??,000 BCE ("thousands of years" before "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor")

  • Sorcerers from the M51 galaxy (which has been conquered by Master Vile) hide the Zeo Crystal in Earth's moon; the palace above the crystal is later corrupted by Lord Zedd (right).
  • "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 1"

~8–10,000 BCE (starting "2,000 years, give or take a week," before Rita's imprisonment)

  • For two millennia, Zordon clashes with Master Vile's daughter, Rita Repulsa, whom Zedd charges with conquering Earth.
  • "The Mutiny, part 1" (Zedd)
  • MMPR Fan Club Video (2,000 years)

~8,000 BCE ("over 10,000 years" before "Welcome to the Jungle," also referred to as "centuries" ago)

  • Dai Shi leads an evil beast army on Earth. Mutinous Phantom Beast generals are sealed away, and Dai Shi and his overlords are defeated. Pai Zhua is established.
  • Camille awaits Dai Shi's return; at some point, she swallows a foe (Flit).
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" (Pai Zhua)
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" / "Bad to the Bone" / "Path of the Rhino" (last beast war)
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" / "No 'I' in Leader" (Camille waits)
  • "Way of the Master" / "Pushed to the Edge" / "Bad to the Bone" / "Friends Don't Fade Away" / "Fear and the Phantoms" (overlords)
  • "True Friends, True Spirits" (Camille and Flit)
  • "Path of the Rhino" / "Arise the Crystal Eyes" (Phantom Beast generals)
  • "Path of the Rhino" / "Tigers Fall, Lions Rise" (mutiny)

~8,000 BCE ("10,000 years" before "Day of the Dumpster")

  • Zordon and Alpha find Power Coins at some point; Rita will come to possess the green coin.
  • Rita and her henchmen are sealed in a space dumpster, and Zordon is trapped in a time warp.
  • "Day of the Dumpster" (dumpster date)
  • "High Five" (time warp)
  • "Wild West Rangers, part 2" (Rita's early possession of green coin)
  • "Ninja Quest, part 2" (Power Coins found)

~4,000 BCE (alternate timeline?) ("6,000 years" before MMPR: The Movie)

  • Ivan Ooze rules the Earth until a group of warriors lures him into a hyper-lock chamber.
  • MMPR: The Movie

~3,000 BCE ("5,000 years" before "Operation Lightspeed")

  • Queen Bansheera's rule on Earth abruptly ends (Mariner Bay will be built over her palace ruins). A warlock seals Bansheera's generals in the Tomb of Forever.
  • "Operation Lightspeed"

~3,000 BCE ("5,000 years" before "Final Face-Off")

  • "Final Face-Off"

~2,000 BCE (up to "4,000 years" before "Tutenhawken's Curse")

  • "Tutenhawken's Curse" (some artifacts in museum were "over 4,000 years old")

~1,000 BCE ("3,000 years" before "Click, Click, Zoom")

  • As Orgs besiege the kingdom of Animaria, Princess Shayla is sent away aboard the Animarium.
  • Animus is destroyed. Merrick uses the mask of Zen-Aku to destroy Master Org. Upon transforming into Zen-Aku, Merrick is sealed away.
  • Surviving Wildzords go into hiding.
  • "Click, Click, Zoom" (Animaria, Animarium)
  • "Ancient Awakening" / "The Bear Necessities" (Wildzords hidden)
  • "The Ancient Warrior" (Animus, Zen-Aku, Master Org's defeat)

~1,000 BCE ("3,000 years" before "The Lost Galactabeasts")

  • A "great battle" renders three Galactabeasts lifeless; five others survive.
  • "Race to the Rescue" (five survivors)
  • "The Lost Galactabeasts, part 2" (three lifeless)

~1,000 BCE ("3,000 years or so" before "Sunflower Search")

  • Scorpius ravages the Magna Defender's planet and kills his son.
  • "Sunflower Search"

~1,000 BCE ("3,000 years" before "Quasar Quest")

  • "Quasar Quest, part 1"

~1,000 BCE ("3,000 years" before "Sunflower Search")

  • On Mirinoi (left), the Magna Defender (above) releases the Lights of Orion and falls into a crevice.
  • "The Magna Defender"

~1 CE (roughly 2,000 years before "Shimazu Returns")

  • Shimazu terrorizes Asian villages until being turned into a statue.
  • "Shimazu Returns, part 1" (Shimazu described as "2,000-year-old")

~1,000 CE ("over a millennium" before "Alien Rangers of Aquitar")

  • "Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 2"

~1,000 CE ("over a millennium" before "A Golden Homecoming")

  • "A Golden Homecoming"

~1000 CE ("a thousand years" before "Mondo's Last Stand")

  • King Mondo is destroyed while wielding the Damocles Sword; once rebuilt, Mondo buries the sword on Earth.
  • Mondo's heir Prince Gasket elopes with Archerina at some point.
  • "Mondo's Last Stand" (Damocles Sword)
  • "The Joke's on Blue" (Gasket)

~1,000 CE ("a thousand years" before "Glyph Hanger")

  • Divatox is left at the altar by a sorcerer named Pharaoh.
  • "Glyph Hanger"

~1000–1600 CE ("many centuries" before "A Friend in Need")

  • The Masked Rider powers begin to be passed down through the royalty of Edenoi.
  • At some point, Alpha 5 is constructed by King Lexian.
  • "A Friend in Need, part 1" (Alpha 5)
  • "A Friend in Need, part 2" (Masked Rider)

~1000–1700 CE ("centuries" before "Robo Knight")

  • At some point, Zordon puts Gosei in place as a guardian of the Earth. Gosei creates Robo Knight, who lies dormant for centuries.
  • "Mega Mission" (Zordon)
  • "Robo Knight" (Robo Knight)

~1600–1700 (est.) (17 generations prior to "Origins, part 1")

  • Nighlok forces invade Japan but are defeated (elsewhere?) by the first Samurai Rangers.
  • PRS/PRSS prologue (Nighlok invaded Japan)
  • "Origins, part 1" (Samurai Rangers, 18th leader, "centuries")
  • "The Tengen Gate" (Nighlok defeat)

~1700–1720 (est.) ("300 years" prior to "The Bullzord")

  • The first Samurai Zord (the Bullzord) is sealed away; the Grand Shogun (a Red Samurai Ranger?) charges a particular family with guarding it.
  • At some point, the Tigerzord will sink into the Netherworld.
  • "I've Got a Spell on Blue" (Tigerzord)
  • "The Bullzord" (Bullzord)

1774 ("200 years" or so before "Return of the Green Ranger")

  • The people of colonial Angel Grove (!) panic at the arrival of teens from the future. White and Green Rangers save the township from rat monsters; Green then stays in the past as White takes his friends home.
  • "Return of the Green Ranger" (events, "200 years")
  • PowerRangers.com episode summary (setting listed as 1774, despite "The Shooting Star" citing Angel Grove's establishment year as 1775)

~1760–1800 (est.) (without Katie)

  • In Silver Hills, Walter Brown fails at love and will later haunt the clock tower.
  • "The Legend of the Clock Tower"

~1760–1800 (est.) (with Katie)

  • Visiting from 2001, Katie helps Walter prove his love; the clock tower will go (relatively?) unhaunted.
  • "The Legend of the Clock Tower"

~1800–1820 (est.) ("200 years" prior to "A Sticky Situation")

  • Serrator transforms a human couple into Deker and Dayu.
  • Later, Master Xandred will recruit Dayu upon hearing the "hundreds of years of misery" in her music.
  • "The Tengen Gate" / "Broken Dreams" (transformation)
  • "A Sticky Situation" / "The Master Returns" / "A Crack in the World" (200 years)
  • "The Master Returns" (Xandred recruits Dayu)

1865 ("160 years" before 2025)

  • An alien crash-lands near Kyoto; trained by a local samurai, he becomes Katana, Earth's first alien samurai.
  • "Samurai" (Katana, 160 years)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)


  • Kimberly and villains visit Wild West Angel Grove from 1995; with Zordon's help, Kim's teammates' ancestors become "the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins." Also present is the "White Stranger" (Tommy's ancestor?).
  • "Wild West Rangers"

~1900 ("about a hundred years" before "The Darkest Day")

  • "The Darkest Day"

~1940–1949 (alternate Earth?) (est.)

  • In Mexico, the blue Zeo Subcrystal threatens the village of Rocky's apparent future grandfather.
  • Rocky retrieves the crystal.
  • "Water You Thinking?"

???? (alternate Earth?)

  • In Korea, the green Zeo Subcrystal is found by an eccentric sage.
  • Adam retrieves the crystal.
  • "Along Came a Spider"

???? (alternate Earth?)

  • In Australia, the pink Zeo Subcrystal is found by Kat's possible relative.
  • Kat retrieves the crystal.
  • "Sowing the Seas of Evil"

~1975–1982 (est.) (without time-traveling Cam)

  • Wind Ninja student Kiya steals the Scroll of Destiny and learns of a future warlord (himself).
  • After trying to steal the Samurai Amulet from new student Miko, Kiya is banished and adopts the name Lothor. The amulet is destroyed.
  • Miko later marries Kiya's twin, Kanoi (future head sensei). She will die after bearing a son, Cam.
  • "Nowhere to Grow" (Miko's illness)
  • "The Samurai's Journey, part 1" (amulet's destruction)
  • "The Samurai's Journey, part 2" (Kanoi, Kiya, Miko)
  • "Storm Before the Calm, part 1" (Scroll of Destiny)

~1975–1982 (est.) (with time-traveling Cam)

  • Visiting from 2003, Cam helps prevent the Samurai Amulet's theft (left).
  • Cam returns to the future with the amulet.
  • "The Samurai's Journey, part 2"

~1981 ("20 years" before "The Time Shadow")

  • Mr. Collins' weapons team begins work which will lead to the construction of the Raimei Destroyer.
  • "The Time Shadow" (20 years cited, though "Future Unknown" asserts Raimei didn't exist without Ransik in 2001)


  • While researching the legend of Animaria in the Amazon, Dr. Adler consumes the remains of Master Org and murders his associates; their infant son Cole is raised by locals.
  • "Lionheart" (locals)
  • "The Master's Last Stand" (Adler events, year)

~1985–1988 (est.)

  • On KO-35, young Karone is kidnapped by Darkonda; Ecliptor will raise her as Astronema.
  • "Never Stop Searching" (kidnapping; age estimated)
  • "Astronema Thinks Twice" (raised by Ecliptor)

~1985–1986 (est.)

  • "Truth Revealed"

1986–1987 ("19 years" before "Scaredy Cat," or "20 years" before "Ranger Down")

  • In a magical dimension, Leanbow and four other wizards prevent Morticon from attacking the human world. Daggeron is attacked by his former ally Callindor, and both are sealed away. Bowen (son of Leanbow and Udonna) is left in the human world, where he will be raised under the name Nick.
  • Udonna's sister Niella dies sealing Leanbow and foes in the underworld, and Leanbow becomes Koragg. Udonna takes in Niella's daughter, Clare.
  • "Broken Spell, part 1" / "The Gatekeeper, part 1" (Leanbow casts evil into underworld, Niella seals gate, Udonna raises Clare)
  • "Scaredy Cat" (Jenji mentions things to do, "like sit in a cave for another 19 years")
  • "Long Ago" / "Ranger Down" / "Heir Apparent, part 1" (Daggeron vs. Callindor)
  • "Ranger Down" (Phineas left Bowen in the human world "20 years ago")
  • "Heir Apparent, part 2" (Leanbow becomes Koragg)

~August 1986 – June 1987 (est. 2nd grade for high school class of 1997)

  • "Rangers Back in Time, part 1" (popsicle incident)
  • "Rangers Back in Time, part 2" (circa 2nd grade)
  • "Shift into Turbo, part 2" (date estimated for class of 1997)

???? ("three years" before "Hogday Afternoon")

  • Two explorers become lost on Mysterio Island; their daughter, Tanya, is taken in by Ashalla in Africa.
  • "Hogday Afternoon, part 1" (parents lost, Tanya raised in Africa)
  • "Hogday Afternoon, part 2" (Ashalla)
  • "The Lore of Auric" (Mysterio Island)

~1986–1990 (est.)

  • "A Face from the Past"

~1986–1989 (est.)

  • "The Bear Necessities"

~1989–1990 (alternate Earth?) (est.)

  • The Orb of Doom reverts the Earth of 1996 into this past state.
  • The Alien Rangers of Aquitar defend the Earth from Master Vile and family.
  • Following the Power Coins' destruction, the kids seek the Zeo Subcrystals; Tanya returns in Aisha's stead (see middle).
  • The Zeo Crystal restores the Earth (see 1996).
  • "Rangers in Reverse" / "Alien Rangers of Aquitar" (time reversal)
  • "Climb Every Fountain" (Power Coins destroyed)
  • "Attack of the 60' Bulk" – "Hogday Afternoon" (Zeo quest)
  • "Water You Thinking?" / "Graduation Blues" (Bulk and Skull don't remember this period, ergo alternate timeline?)
  • "Hogday Afternoon" (Aisha, Tanya)

???? (alternate Earth?)

  • In Africa, an animal plague threatens Tanya's village.
  • Ashalla finds the yellow Zeo Subcrystal (sent from 1996).
  • Aisha (left) arrives; wishing to help the animals, she sends Tanya in her stead.
  • Aisha's family will join her when time is restored (and yet some version of Aisha will still grow up in Stone Canyon and become the Yellow Ranger?).
  • "Forever Friends" (Aisha grows up in Stone Canyon: friends with Shawna in 2nd grade)
  • "Hogday Afternoon" (Tanya, Ashalla, plague, time-traveling Aisha)
  • "Legacy of Power" (Yellow Ranger Aisha included in Tommy's video)

???? (alternate Earth?)

  • In North America, the red Zeo Subcrystal (sent from 1996) is passed down to a shaman.
  • Tommy (leftmost) retrieves the crystal and half of a mystical arrowhead.
  • "Sowing the Seas of Evil"

fall 1993 – summer 1994 (freshman year?)

  • Freed by astronauts, Rita Repulsa targets Angel Grove from the moon palace. Five teenagers receive Power Coins from Zordon and Alpha 5 to become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The teens attend classes with Bulk and Skull.
  • The Power Eggs are found and returned to the sea.
  • Rita turns Tommy into her evil Green Ranger, but he joins the Rangers. Rita drains most of his powers, but he passes the remainder to Jason and later acquires replacement powers.
  • Following exams, the teens have sports tryouts (possibly late summer, though classes have been ongoing).
  • "Day of the Dumpster" (Rita released)
  • "Day of the Dumpster" / "Teamwork" (classes with Bulk and Skull)
  • "Big Sisters" (Power Eggs)
  • "Green with Evil" (Tommy, evil Green Ranger)
  • "The Green Candle, part 2" (Tommy's powers drained, coin passed to Jason)
  • "Return of an Old Friend, part 2" (Green powers previously exhausted, Tommy returns with temporary powers)
  • "Grumble Bee" (exams)
  • "Enter... the Lizzinator" (cheerleading tryouts)
  • "Second Chance" (soccer tryouts)
  • "Football Season" (football tryouts)
  • "Second Chance" / "On Fins and Needles" / "Football Season" / "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" / "An Oyster Stew" (classes ongoing)

fall 1994 – summer 1995 (sophomore year?)

  • Lord Zedd returns and banishes Rita; the Rangers acquire Thunderzords. A new school year may be beginning.
  • Tommy's powers are depleted, but he returns as the White Ranger. (Halloween occurs soon thereafter.)
  • Rocky, Adam, and Aisha receive powers from departing peace conference attendees Jason, Trini, and Zack.
  • Zedd completes Serpentera. Rita returns and marries Zedd.
  • Rita's wizard clones Tommy and banishes the others into the past. Both Tommys save the day, and the clone remains in the past.
  • Kimberly visits 1880.
  • "The Mutiny" (Lord Zedd, Thunderzords)
  • "Bloom of Doom" (club sign-ups: new school year?)
  • "The Power Stealer" / "The Beetle Invasion" / "Welcome to Venus Island" / "The Green Dream" (Zedd targets Tommy)
  • "Green No More" (Tommy's powers lost)
  • "White Light" (White Ranger)
  • "Zedd's Monster Mash" (Halloween)
  • "The Power Transfer" (power transfer, Zedd completes Serpentera)
  • "The Wedding" (Rita marries Zedd)
  • "Return of the Green Ranger" (Tommy clone)
  • "Wild West Rangers" (Kim in 1880)
  • The Rangers visit Edenoi and befriend the current Masked Rider.
  • Rito destroys the Thunderzords, ruining the Power Coins. Ninjor gives the teens Ninja powers and Ninjazords.
  • Kimberly moves in with Aisha and begins training for the Pan Global Games.
  • The Face Stealer is released on the fourth full moon of the year (likely April).
  • In summer, Kat moves to Angel Grove and is put under Rita's spell. Kim's Power Coin is stolen, but Kat retrieves it.
  • "A Friend in Need" (Edenoi)
  • "Ninja Quest" (Rito, Ninjazords)
  • "A Brush with Destiny" (Kimberly moves in with Aisha)
  • "Final Face-Off" (Face Stealer)
  • "Final Face-Off" / "Follow That Cab!" / "A Different Shade of Pink" (Pan Global Games mentioned)
  • "A Ranger Catastrophe" / "A Different Shade of Pink" (Kat, pink Power Coin)

~1995 (alternate timeline?) (est.)

  • Freed by Rita and Zedd, Ivan Ooze destroys the Rangers' powers.
  • Dulcea gives the Rangers Ninjetti powers and Ninjazords.
  • Ivan is destroyed.
  • MMPR: The Movie

~1994–1996 (est.)

  • Young Shane helps the alien Skyla escape from the bounty hunter Vexacus.
  • "Shane's Karma"

fall 1995 – summer 1996 (junior year?)

  • Kimberly (still the Pink Ranger?) spends her first Christmas Eve without her mom. At some point, she gives her powers to Kat and moves to Florida.
  • Master Vile arrives seeking the Zeo Crystal, which the Rangers split up and scatter into a time hole.
  • Vile's Orb of Doom casts the Earth back in time.
  • "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" (Christmas Eve with Kim; home video release includes Kat as an ally)
  • "A Different Shade of Pink, part 3" (Kim leaves)
  • "A Chimp in Charge" (last school assignment of "the year")
  • "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor" (Vile, Zeo Crystal)

early-mid 1996 ("months" before "A Zeo Beginning")

  • "A Zeo Beginning, part 2"

summer 1996 (alternate Earth?) (est.)

  • Earth experiences weeks without monster or Ranger sightings. The Machine Empire (below) approaches.
  • "It's Coming" serial (though some villain scenes conflict with "A Zeo Beginning")

1996 ("two years" before "Survival of the Silver")

  • KO-35 is assaulted by Dark Specter's forces. Andros and Zhane battle in vain as the planet is abandoned. After falling in battle, Zhane is placed in cryogenic suspension aboard the Astro Megaship.
  • "Survival of the Silver"

summer 1996 (est.)

  • The Zeo Crystal restores Earth; newcomer Tanya becomes a teenager. Aisha now lives in Africa with her family.
  • The Command Center is destroyed, but the Power Chamber comes online. The Zeo Rangers debut as the Machine Empire attacks. Rita and Zedd flee.
  • "Hogday Afternoon, part 2" (time restored, Command Center destroyed)
  • "Hogday Afternoon, part 2" / "The Lore of Auric" (Aisha in Africa)
  • "A Zeo Beginning" (Power Chamber, Machine Empire, Zeo Rangers)

~1996 (est.) ("10 years" before start of "Kick into Overdrive")

  • "Kick into Overdrive, part 1"

fall 1996 – summer 1997 (senior year?)

  • Graduating early, Billy helps resolve a conflict on Aquitar.
  • Kimberly is now ready for her competition; she breaks up with Tommy.
  • Tommy meets his brother David; their arrowhead is briefly reassembled.
  • Jason becomes temporary caretaker for the Gold Ranger powers. The Super Zeozords are activated.
  • King Mondo again wields the Damocles Sword (and is again destroyed). Gasket and Archerina take charge until Mondo returns.
  • Tanya rescues her parents from Mysterio Island.
  • Billy moves to Aquitar; the Alien Rangers team up with the Zeo Rangers.
  • After Mondo's defeat by the Zeo Rangers, Mondo and his family are blown up by Rita and Zedd (but see 1998).
  • "Graduation Blues" / "Mean Screen" / "Mr. Billy's Wild Ride" (Bily's first trip to Aquitar)
  • "There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 1" (Kimberly's letter)
  • "Inner Spirit" / "Challenges" / "Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?" (David, arrowhead)
  • "The Power of Gold" (Gold Ranger arrives)
  • "A Golden Homecoming" (Jason's return, Super Zeozords)
  • "Mondo's Last Stand" (Mondo's destruction)
  • "The Lore of Auric" (Tanya's parents)
  • "The Joke's on Blue" (Gasket and Archerina's arrival)
  • "Another Song and Dance" (Mondo returns)
  • "Rangers of Two Worlds" (Billy's departure, Alien Rangers)
  • "Good as Gold" (Gold powers returned, Machine Empire falls)
  • "Shift into Turbo, part 2" (senior year)

~1996–1997 (est.)

  • "Thunder Strangers, part 3" (parents' death)
  • "Return of Thunder, part 3" (Thunder Ninja Academy)

summer 1997

  • Rita and Zedd have apparently retired (but see 1998).
  • Seeking to free Maligore, Divatox chases Lerigot to Earth. Jason and Kimberly visit, and the Turbo Rangers destroy Maligore.
  • The teens graduate as the class of 1997.
  • Zordon returns to Eltar with Alpha 5, and Dimitria and Alpha 6 take their place.
  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie / "Countdown to Destruction, part 1" (Rita and Zedd apparently retired)
  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (Lerigot, Maligore)
  • "Shift into Turbo" (graduation, Zordon's departure, Dimitria, Alpha 6)

1997–2000("estimated future")

  • In an "estimated future" described by Blue Senturion (right), the universe will be conquered by an evil alliance including Rita and Zedd, the Machine Empire, and Divatox (compare with 1998).
  • A message dated 2000 reveals the force capable of saving the universe (it may include Carlos and Ashley, below).
  • "The Millennium Message" (Blue Senturion, message)
  • "A Drive to Win" (Carlos and Ashley conspicuously targeted)

summer 1997 (cont'd)

  • Blue Senturion arrives from the future, warning of an evil alliance (left); it's unclear what changes result from his presence.
  • "The Millennium Message"

summer 1997 – early 1998

  • Four of the Turbo Rangers retire; T.J. and Cassie join Carlos and Ashley as replacements.
  • Adam will later run a dojo. Tanya may pursue a singing or radio career. Tommy will later meet Hayley while studying paleontology. Kat may attend the Royal Academy of Dance in London; will she and Tommy eventually marry?
  • General Havoc brings Metallasaurus and a space base; the Phantom Ranger gives the Rangers Rescuezords.
  • After being tested on Earth, Robot Rangers depart for Eltar (it's unknown whether they will be the Turbo team seen in the Legendary Battle).
  • Dark Specter's forces storm Eltar and capture Zordon. The Power Chamber is destroyed, and the teens chase Divatox in the Megashuttle. Justin remains behind.
  • "Song Sung Yellow" (Tanya's potential singing career)
  • "A Season to Remember" (future Kat and Tommy have grandkids)
  • "Shift into Turbo, part 2" / "Transmission Impossible" (Tanya's radio work)
  • "The Millennium Message" (Blue Senturion)
  • "Cars Attacks" (Kat accepted to Royal Academy of Dance)
  • "Passing the Torch, part 2" (retirement)
  • "The Darkest Day" (Havoc arrives, 100 years)
  • "One Last Hope" (Rescuezords)
  • "The Robot Ranger" (Robot Rangers)
  • "Chase into Space" (Eltar, Power Chamber, Megashuttle)
  • "Legacy of Power" (Tommy and Hayley)
  • "Once a Ranger, part 2" (Adam's dojo)

1998 (cont'd)

  • After infiltrating Dark Specter's banquet (attended by Divatox, Master Vile, Rita and Zedd, Mondo and Machina, General Havoc, and Astronema), Andros accepts the Earth teens (above) as Space Rangers.
  • Darkonda obtains Eltarian keycards on Onyx; Andros steals the cards, and the Rangers activate new Zords.
  • Justin teams with Storm Blaster to free Lightning Cruiser from Divatox's forces.
  • Zhane awakens but eventually leaves to help the survivors of KO-35.
  • Adam briefly mentors Carlos and risks his life using a charred Power Coin.
  • The Psycho Rangers attack but are ultimately digitized onto data cards.
  • Dark Specter's forces wage war on the universe: Gold Ranger, Blue Senturion, the Phantom Ranger, and the Alien Rangers are overpowered. Darkonda and Dark Specter destroy each another. Zordon's sacrifice purges Astronema's forces, and Astronema awakens as Karone.
  • Now good, Rita will later resurface as Mystic Mother. Zedd and Rita's son Thrax will appear in 2007, the circumstances of his birth (or creation?) unknown.
  • The Space Rangers leave their Morphers and Megaship under Alpha's care.
  • "From out of Nowhere" (Dark Specter's conference, teens join Andros)
  • "The Barillian Sting" (Darkonda arrives)
  • "Flashes of Darkonda" / "The Rangers' Mega Voyage" (keycards, Mega Vehicles)
  • "True Blue to the Rescue" (Justin)
  • "Survival of the Silver" (Zhane revived)
  • "Zhane's Destiny" (Zhane joins rebels)
  • "Always a Chance" (Adam)
  • "Rangers Gone Psycho" (Psycho Rangers debut)
  • "Ghosts in the Machine" (data cards)
  • "Countdown to Destruction" (Dark Specter's war, evil defeated)
  • "Quasar Quest, part 2" / "To the Tenth Power" (Megaship and Morphers left with Alpha 6)
  • "Mystic Fate" (Mystic Mother)
  • "Once a Ranger" (Thrax)

1998 (est.)

  • As the Samurai Rangers battle the Nighlok, Red sends his young daughter Lauren to safety, then seals Xandred away and dies.
  • The Rangers' children will train as the next generation of Samurai Rangers, with Lauren's younger brother Jayden serving as a substitute Red.
  • Jayden becomes friends with young Antonio.
  • "Origins, part 1" (Jayden's age estimated at 18, age in flashback estimated at 6)
  • "Origins, part 1" / "Test of the Leader" / "Fight Fire with Fire" (battle, sealing, Red's apparent death)
  • "Unexpected Arrival" / "Room for One More" / "Evil Reborn" (Antonio)
  • "Fight Fire with Fire" (Lauren)

1998 (est.) ("10 years" before "Welcome to the Jungle")

  • Young kung fu student Jarrod is a seemingly decent kid. (Carnisoar will later edit Jarrod's past, but perhaps only in his mind.)
  • At Pai Zhua, Jarrod will grow into an isolated bully despite rooming with Dominic.
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" (Jarrod spends ten years in training)
  • "Good Karma, Bad Karma" (Jarrod's youth, Carnisoar's edits)
  • "Path of the Righteous" (Dominic as roommate, Jarrod doesn't fit in)
  • "Now the Final Fury" (Jarrod calls his prior self a bully)

1999 (est.)

  • As Scorpius attacks Mirinoi in search of the Quasar Sabers, Maya and four Earthlings become Galaxy Rangers. The Astro Megaship is brought back online.
  • Terra Venture leaves Earth; Skull is left behind (does he know he has a son?).
  • Revived by Mike's spirit, Magna Defender seeks the Lights of Orion. He dies saving the colony and leaves his powers to Mike.
  • Deviot delivers three reconstructed Galactabeasts.
  • When Deviot resurrects the Psycho Rangers, the Space Rangers reclaim their Morphers to help (and then return to Earth).
  • Kendrix dies and passes her powers to Karone.
  • After a jaunt through the Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture is crippled by Trakeena, and the colonists escape to Mirinoi. Kendrix returns as Mirinoi is restored.
  • Bulk and Alpha 6 will somehow make their way back to Earth.
  • "Quasar Quest" (Mirinoi attack, Quasar Sabers retrieved, Terra Venture departs)
  • "The Magna Defender" (Magna Defender returns)
  • "Redemption Day" (Magna Defender's sacrifice)
  • "The Lost Galactabeasts" (lost Galactabeasts)
  • "To the Tenth Power" / "The Power of Pink" (Psycho Rangers, Space Rangers)
  • "The Power of Pink" (Kendrix dies)
  • "Protect the Quasar Saber" (Karone becomes Pink)
  • "Enter the Lost Galaxy" through "Escape the Lost Galaxy" (Lost Galaxy)
  • "Journey's End" (Terra Venture crippled, Mirinoi restored)
  • "Forever Red" (Bulk back on Earth)
  • "Once a Ranger" (Alpha 6 back on Earth)

2000 (est.)

  • Bansheera's demons escape from the Tomb of Forever and attack Mariner Bay, where Bill Mitchell now heads Lightspeed; his Ranger recruits include a grown-up Carter.
  • Under Diabolico's command, 20-year-old Ryan steals a Morpher to become the Titanium Ranger; he later allies with the Rangers.
  • Bansheera is partially resurrected during a rare planetary alignment.
  • The Galaxy Rangers (with Kendrix again as Pink) travel from Mirinoi to help destroy Trakeena.
  • Bansheera seeks to unlock the Shadow World, but Diabolico helps the Rangers seal her within.
  • Ms. Fairweather and Joel begin dating.
  • "Operation Lightspeed" (demons freed, Lightspeed Rangers recruited)
  • "From Deep in the Shadows" (Ryan becomes Titanium Ranger)
  • "Truth Revealed" / "Ryan's Destiny" (Ryan joins Rangers)
  • "The Queen's Return" (planetary alignment)
  • "Trakeena's Revenge" (Trakeena, Galaxy Rangers)
  • "The Fate of Lightspeed" (Bansheera sealed away, Joel and Ms. Fairweather date)

2001 (without Ransik)

  • Wes (right) possibly attends Harvard and may ultimately head Bio-Lab.
  • The Raimei Destroyer doesn't exist (publicly?).
  • Are the Silver Guardians still formed? Who ends up with the Quantum Morpher (right)?
  • Time Force will exist in 3000.
  • "Force from the Future" (Time Force)
  • "A Parting of Ways" (Harvard)
  • "Future Unknown" (Raimei allegedly didn't exist without Ransik)
  • "Worlds Apart" (Silver Guardians)
  • "The Quantum Quest" (Quantum Morpher)

2001 (with Ransik)

  • Ransik and a prison full of mutant criminals arrive from 3000. Four Time Force officers follow and recruit Wes to unlock their Morphers (his DNA is similar to Alex's).
  • Wes moves into an abandoned clock tower with his new teammates.
  • Frax synthesizes Trizirium crystals. Following the Raimei Destroyer's underwhelming debut, the Time Shadow arrives from the future.
  • Mr. Collins founds the Silver Guardians; Eric joins. When the Quantum Morpher is unearthed, Eric claims it to become the Quantum Ranger.
  • Wes and Eric follow a mutant into prehistory and retrieve the Q-Rex.
  • "Force from the Future" (Ransik chased by Time Force Rangers from 3000)
  • "Force from the Future, part 2" / "Something to Fight For" (Wes recruited)
  • "Ransik Lives" (four Rangers move into clock tower)
  • "A Parting of Ways" (Wes splits from Mr. Collins)
  • "The Time Shadow" (Trizirium crystals, Raimei, Time Shadow)
  • "Worlds Apart" (Silver Guardians, Eric)
  • "The Quantum Quest" (Quantum Ranger)
  • "Clash for Control" (Q-Rex)

2001 (sad Walter)

  • Upon seeing the ghost of Walter Brown, Katie falls into a time hole and changes history (right).
  • "The Legend of the Clock Tower"

2001 (happy Walter)

  • Katie wakes to find the clock tower (relatively?) unhaunted, as Walter's history has changed.
  • "The Legend of the Clock Tower"

2001 (with Ransik, cont'd)

  • Jen arrests her rogue former partner, Steelix. Watching from 3000, Alex notes history is shifting.
  • Frax destroys Ransik's serum supply; Ransik raids Bio-Lab for more and critically injures Mr. Collins.
  • "Time Force Traitor" (Steelix, shift in history)
  • "Frax's Fury" (Frax destroys serum supply)
  • "Dawn of Destiny" (raid on Bio-Lab)

2001 (without Alex)

  • Wes may lead the Rangers against Dragontron (right).
  • After Mr. Collins dies from his injuries (above), Wes takes his place at Bio-Lab.
  • "Fight Against Fate"

2001 (with Alex)

  • Alex arrives from 3000 and takes Wes's place as Red Ranger, telling him of his fate (immediate left).
  • Wes returns and leads the Rangers to victory against Frax's robot, Dragontron. Alex revives Mr. Collins before returning to 3000.
  • Vypra enlists Ransik's help to unleash a super-demon; the Lightspeed Rangers help save the day. Joel and Ms. Fairweather have recently married.
  • Accessing history banks from 3000, Circuit foresees the destruction of Silver Hills by time holes (below).
  • Wes convinces Bio-Lab to halt the anachronistic production of Trizirium crystals.
  • "Dawn of Destiny" / "Fight Against Fate" / "Destiny Defeated" (Dragontron battle; Alex replaces Wes, cures Mr. Collins)
  • "Time for Lightspeed" (Vypra)
  • "Circuit Unsure" (Circuit's vision)
  • "A Calm Before the Storm" (Trizirium research halted)

2001 (without Alex, cont'd)

  • The time hole outbreak (far right) may or may not occur. Does Wes remain at Bio-Lab?
  • Time Force will still exist in 3000.
  • "Fight Against Fate" (Wes as head of Bio-Lab)
  • "The End of Time, part 1" (time holes)

2001 (without Timeship)

  • Nadira may deliver a baby (right).
  • Trizirium energies from the Q-Rex and Doomtron (right) open time holes which destroy Silver Hills and the Rangers.
  • Time Force will still exist in 3000.
  • "The End of Time, part 1"

2001 (with Timeship)

  • Alex sends a Timeship to rescue his teammates from impending doom, but they opt to stay with Wes.
  • Nadira helps deliver a baby on Trip's urging, softening her stance on humans.
  • Frax pilots Doomtron, threatening Silver Hills with time holes (immediate left).
  • Wes sends the others back to 3000. Injured, Eric passes his powers to Wes.
  • "The End of Time, part 1" (Timeship, Nadira, Doomtron, Wes sends others)
  • "The End of Time, part 2" (Eric injured)

2001 (without four Rangers)

  • Wes dies in battle.
  • Silver Hills is somehow saved from time holes. The fates of Nadira (now pacified), Eric (injured), and Ransik are unknown.
  • Time Force will still exist in 3000.
  • "The End of Time, part 2"

2001 (with four Rangers)

  • The others return; Trip nullifies Doomtron.
  • Ransik surrenders after injuring Nadira; all return to the future.
  • Wes and Eric head the Silver Guardians. Time Force will still exist in 3001.
  • "The End of Time, part 3"

2001 ("over a year" before "Darkness Awakening")

  • Master Org (Dr. Adler) reopens the Nexus; the Wildzords and Shayla awaken.
  • Taylor lands on the Animarium and becomes the Yellow Wild Force Ranger. Shayla helps her against her first foe, Motorcycle Org.
  • "Click, Click, Zoom" (seal weakened, Wildzords and Shayla awakened)
  • "The Bear Necessities" (Taylor becomes Yellow)
  • "Revenge of Zen-Aku" (Motorcycle Org)

~2001 ("some years" before the latter portion of "Day of the Dino")

  • Anton Mercer selects Tommy to assist in his dinosaur cyborg research.
  • Upon finding three Dino Gems, Tommy recruits Hayley to build Dino Morphers.
  • Mercer is transformed into Mesogog. Tommy escapes the destruction of their lab; their projects are scattered.
  • Mesogog rebuilds Tommy's rival "Smitty" into Zeltrax following another accident.
  • In human form, Mercer survives a cave-in and takes in Trent (now an orphan).
  • "Day of the Dino" (collaboration, Dino Gems/Morphers, lab destroyed)
  • "Wave Goodbye" (projects scattered)
  • "Legacy of Power" (Hayley)
  • "Golden Boy" (Trent)
  • "Bully for Ethan" (Smitty/Zeltrax)
  • "Copy That" (Mesogog's origin)

~late 2001 ("about 6 months" before "Darkness Awakening")

  • Alyssa joins Taylor (above) as the White Wild Force Ranger.
  • Max is soon recruited as the Blue Ranger after an encounter with Turbine Org.
  • "Darkness Awakening" (Alyssa, time frame)
  • "The Tornado Spin" (Max)


  • Space Patrol Delta (SPD) spans the galaxy, having started on the planet Sirius (home to Doggie Cruger).
  • In its infancy in 2001, SPD Earth operates (or will operate) in Newtech City. Extraterrestrials begin arriving on Earth.
  • Working for SPD Earth, Kat Manx experiments with Ranger technology; side-effects cause her human crew to later sire metahuman children.
  • "Beginnings" / "Idol" / "Shadow, part 1" (SPD origins)
  • "Sam, part 2" (SPD pioneers in 2001, metahuman children)

~2001–2002 ("6 [or] 7 years" before "One Master Too Many")

  • R.J., son of Pai Zhua's Master Finn, trains with Master Swoop before discovering his wolf spirit.
  • "Sigh of the Tiger" / "Blind Leading the Blind" (R.J. trained with Master Swoop)
  • "One Master Too Many" (Master Finn and R.J. clash, wolf spirit)

2002 ("6 years" before "Path of the Rhino")

  • "Path of the Rhino" (Dominic sets out, wanders for six years)
  • "Dash for the Dagger" (Control Dagger)

2002 ("nearly a year" before "Prelude to a Storm")

  • "Prelude to a Storm"

2002 (est.)

  • Danny becomes the Black Wild Force Ranger. As the team pursues Turbine Org, Max helps Danny conquer his fear of heights.
  • Two months later, Cole completes the team as the Red Ranger.
  • Jindrax and Toxica join Master Org but grow suspicious of his identity.
  • General Nayzor frees Zen-Aku. Zen-Aku frees Taylor's old foe Motorcycle Org.
  • Restored to human form with Animus's help, Merrick becomes the Lunar Wolf Ranger.
  • "Lionheart" (Jindrax and Toxica revealed)
  • "Darkness Awakening" (Danny time frame, Jindrax and Toxica serve Master Org in Nexus)
  • "Never Give Up!" (Danny and Max)
  • "Wishes on the Water" (Toxica grows suspicious)
  • "Curse of the Wolf" (Nayzor, Zen-Aku released)
  • "Revenge of Zen-Aku" (Motorcycle Org)
  • "The Ancient Warrior" (Merrick freed)
  • "The Lone Wolf" (Lunar Wolf Ranger)

~2001–2009 (est.)

  • Metahuman children (including Sky and Bridge) begin to be born to SPD pioneers. Z will be shunned, and Jack (born to missionaries) will live on the streets.
  • Born to a wealthy family, Syd will become a cover girl with her own pop album.
  • "Beginnings, part 1" (Jack on streets)
  • "Confronted" / "Samurai" (Syd the cover-girl)
  • "Dogged" / "Stakeout" (Syd's family)
  • "Sam, part 2" (SPD pioneers, missionaries)
  • "Zapped" (Syd's album)

2002 (cont'd)

  • Jen tracks Mut-Orgs from 3001; the Wild Force Rangers ally with Wes and Eric.
  • The other Time Force Rangers bring Ransik and Nadira from 3001. Ransik's mutant DNA is nullified in battle, and the Mut-Orgs are destroyed. Which Time Force Rangers (if any) return to the future?
  • "Reinforcements from the Future" (Mut-Orgs, year stated)

2002 (cont'd)

  • Bulk and Skull have reunited; Bulk runs a resort (which Tommy visits). Where is young Spike?
  • Remnants of the Machine Empire dig up Serpentera on the moon. Hearing the news from Andros, Tommy gathers additional Red Rangers Jason, T.J., Carter, Wes, Eric, and Cole. All have working powers for the time being, including Tommy as Zeo Ranger V. Leo and Aurico rendezvous on the moon, and Serpentera is destroyed.
  • Tommy will later return to Reefside without working powers (though most Rangers will appear to be repowered by the time of the Legendary Battle).
  • Master Org is destroyed. Shayla returns to the sky with the Wildzords.
  • "Reinforcements from the Future" (year)
  • "Forever Red" (Bulk and Skull, Tommy, Red Rangers)
  • "The End of the Power Rangers" (Master Org destroyed)
  • "Legacy of Power" (Tommy no longer a Ranger)

late 2002 ("nearly a year" before "White Thunder")

  • "White Thunder, part 1" (white Dino Gem)
  • "Thunder Struck, part 2" (time estimated: class of 2003–04)

summer 2003 (est.)

  • Lothor attacks the Thunder Ninja Academy. (His nieces Marah and Kapri join him for the summer.) Blake and Hunter are captured despite receiving Thunder Morphers; Lothor lies about their parents' death.
  • Lothor attacks the Wind Ninja Academy. Shane, Tori, and Dustin become Wind Rangers and are eventually joined by Thunder Rangers Blake and Hunter.
  • Cam uses the Scroll of Time to meet his parents in the past and returns as the Green Samurai Ranger.
  • Skyla returns to Earth, again pursued by Vexacus; she dies and passes her energies to Shane.
  • Shimazu is awakened.
  • Lothor's generals turn on each other, their spirits filling the Abyss of Evil. The ninjas seal Lothor (and their own powers) in the abyss.
  • Blake pursues a motocross career, while Marah, Kapri, and Conner's twin brother join the Wind Ninja Academy. Tori will begin making custom surfboards.
  • "Prelude to a Storm" (Lothor attacks Wind Ninja Academy, Wind Rangers chosen)
  • "There's No 'I' in Team" (Marah and Kapri with Lothor for the summer)
  • "Beauty and the Beach" / "Looming Thunder" / "Thunder Strangers" (Lothor unleashes Thunder Rangers)
  • "Thunder Strangers, part 3" (Blake and Hunter's parents)
  • "Return of Thunder, part 3" (Thunder Morphers, Lothor's attack, lie)
  • "The Samurai's Journey" (Green Samurai Ranger)
  • "Shane's Karma" (Skyla, Vexacus)
  • "Shimazu Returns" (Shimazu)
  • "General Deception" / "A Gem of a Day" / "Down and Dirty" / "Storm Before the Calm" (generals destroyed)
  • "Storm Before the Calm" (Abyss of Evil, Scroll of Destiny, Lothor trapped)
  • "Storm Before the Calm, part 2" / "Legacy of Power" (Conner's twin)
  • "Thunder Struck, part 2" (summer estimated from Dino team's school year)
  • "Once a Ranger, part 2" (Tori's custom surfboards)

fall–winter 2003 (Dino teens' senior year)

  • Now a doctor of paleontology (and single?), Tommy begins teaching science at Reefside High, while Hayley runs a cyber-cafe. Elsa poses as Principal Randall.
  • Conner, Kira, and Ethan discover the Dino Gems in Tommy's lair and use them to battle Mesogog.
  • Tommy takes a fourth gem from Mesogog to become the Black Ranger.
  • Trent stumbles upon the white Dino Gem and turns evil. He is later purified and keeps his father's identity secret.
  • Tutenhawken is awakened but defeated by Ethan.
  • Lothor escapes. The Ninja Storm and Dino Rangers defeat Lothor's forces; Mesogog seals Lothor in a bottle.
  • "Day of the Dino" (Tommy begins teaching, Dino Gems, Morphers, Elsa/Randall)
  • "Day of the Dino" through "In Your Dreams" (2003 portion of 2003–04 school year)
  • "Wave Goodbye" (cyber-cafe)
  • "Legacy of Power" (Morphers built by Hayley)
  • "Back in Black" (Black Ranger)
  • "White Thunder" (White Ranger)
  • "Tutenhawken's Curse" (Tutenhawken)
  • "Thunder Storm" (Lothor, Ninja Storm Rangers)
  • "In Your Dreams" (Christmastime)

early 2004

  • Emperor Gruumm arrives from 2025, pursued by the SPD Rangers. Zeltrax manages to survive the ensuing SPD-Dino teamup.
  • Before departing, Commander Cruger wipes out all of the Rangers' recent memories (except Tommy and Sam?).
  • "Wormhole"

early 2004

  • At the time of the teamup (left), Bridge is roughly a week old, having been born on a trans-Pacific flight.
  • "Zapped" (flight)
  • "Wormhole" (born week before Gruumm's visit to 2004)

winter–spring 2004 (senior year, cont'd)

  • Mesogog splits from Mercer's body and drains Elsa's powers. The Rangers sacrifice their Zords and powers to destroy Zeltrax's Zord and Mesogog's advanced form.
  • The teens attend prom at the end of their senior year. Trent will later attend art school, while Tommy and Elsa remain employed at Reefside High.
  • By 2025, the depleted Dino Gems (at least red, yellow, and blue) will make their way to Onyx.
  • "A Test of Trust" (Mesogog splits from Mercer)
  • "Thunder Struck" (human Elsa, Rangers' identities, Mercer freed, Mesogog destroyed, senior prom, Trent to art school, Tommy remains at Reefside High)
  • "History" (Dino Gems on Onyx)

summer 2004 (perhaps not in-continuity)

  • Ethan and Kira discover a Morphing Grid stone beneath the cyber-cafe and see a vision of the SPD Rangers.
  • PRDT: The Hidden Episode (vision)
  • "History" (Dino teens' lack of familiarity with SPD Rangers suggests this may be out of continuity)


  • Conner, Kira, and Ethan are taken from their one-year reunion to 2025.
  • The teens return with no memories but may possess recharged future Dino Gems (the contemporary gems remain depleted).
  • "History"

2005 (est.) ("a little over 2 years" before "Things Not Said")

  • Having been too busy to "find the right woman," Andrew Hartford constructs an android son, Mack, and imbues him with false memories.
  • "One Fine Day" / "Things Not Said" (time frame)
  • "Things Not Said" (Mack's origin, false memories)

2005 (est.) ("2 years" before "Both Sides Now")

  • On another world, Kamdor is imprisoned in a crystal while rescuing his pupil Miratrix.
  • "Both Sides Now" (crystal)
  • "Two Fallen Foes" (years training Miratrix)

2005 (est.) ("10 years" before "Powers from the Past")

  • Tyler's father goes missing on an archaeology expedition after spotting Fury.
  • "Powers from the Past"

2006 (est.)

  • An earthquake in Briarwood cracks the gate to the underworld. Udonna recruits five teens (including Nick) as Mystic Rangers.
  • The Rangers obtain what's said to be the last dragon egg; it will later hatch into Fire Heart.
  • Koragg forces Clare to open the underworld gate; Morticon emerges but is destroyed by the Rangers.
  • Daggeron, Jenji, and Imperious (formerly Callindor) are freed. Jenji meets Piggy, a recent alien arrival hiding in Briarwood (he expects more like himself in the years to come).
  • Four months after the earthquake (above), Imperious captures Jenji and wishes there were never Mystic Rangers (see right).
  • "Broken Spell" (earthquake, Mystic Rangers)
  • "The Gatekeeper" (Clare; Morticon destroyed)
  • "Scaredy Cat" (Jenji, Imperious, baby Fire Heart)
  • "Scaredy Cat" / "Long Ago" (Daggeron)
  • "Ranger Down" (Piggy; Fire Heart grows up)
  • "Dark Wish, part 1" (Imperious's wish)

2006 (est.) (with Imperious's wish)

  • When the forces of darkness escape (left), they conquer the world, unopposed by the Mystic Rangers (see Imperious's wish, left). Koragg finds and raises Fire Heart.
  • The four teens and Nick resurface with knowledge of the previous timeline; Koragg directs them to the Tribunal of Magic, and the world is restored.
  • "Dark Wish, part 2" (state of the world, teens resurface, speak with Tribunal of Magic)
  • "Dark Wish, part 3" (world restored)

2006 (est.) (cont'd)

  • Koragg remembers his identity (Leanbow) and again seals himself and the Master away.
  • Necrolai discovers the Ten Terrors; Leelee abandons her mother and begins working at the Rockporium.
  • Reborn, the Master overpowers Mystic Mother (formerly Rita). He shows the Rangers a disastrous (possible?) future, but they return to the present and destroy him.
  • The humans and forest creatures of Briarwood begin to live in harmony; Nick, Udonna, and Leanbow embark on a journey.
  • "Heir Apparent" (Leanbow remembers)
  • "The Light" (Ten Terrors discovered, Leelee at Rockporium)
  • "The Return" (Master reborn)
  • "Mystic Fate" (Mystic Mother, victory)

???? (some "years" before "Once a Ranger")

  • "Once a Ranger, part 1"

late 2006 (est.) ("6 months" before the latter portion of "Kick into Overdrive")

  • "Kick into Overdrive, part 1" (crown found, six months pass, Sentinel Knight weak, Mack doesn't see much of Hartford after his return)
  • "One Fine Day" (at least six more months pass within PROO; crown's discovery therefore backed up to 2006)

2007 (est.)

  • Six months after the discovery of the Corona Aurora (above), Moltor and Flurious arrive on Earth. At some point, Moltor will turn Tyzonn into a reptilian form as Tyzonn pursues the Fearcats.
  • Mack joins Hartford's recruits as an Overdrive Ranger. Moltor steals the crown.
  • To power a new shield, Hartford buys one of Fire Heart's dragon scales, apparently from Toby.
  • Miratrix frees Kamdor.
  • Returned to normal, Tyzonn becomes the Mercury Ranger.
  • Thrax and crew damage a portion of the Morphing Grid. The Sentinel Knight assembles and re-powers Adam, Tori, Kira, Xander, and Bridge. Alpha 6 repairs the Morphing Grid. Thrax is destroyed.
  • The Rangers celebrate Halloween. Mack is revealed as a robot.
  • Flurious destroys Moltor and obtains the crown and its jewels. Mack sacrifices himself to destroy Flurious; Sentinel Knight (again corporeal) uses the crown to revive Mack as a human.
  • "Kick into Overdrive, part 1" (six months pass, Moltor and Flurious arrive, Overdrive Rangers debut)
  • "Kick into Overdrive, part 2" (Moltor steals crown)
  • "At All Cost" (Fire Heart's scale)
  • "Both Sides Now" (Kamdor freed)
  • "Face to Face" / "Man of Mercury" (Tyzonn, Mercury Ranger)
  • "Once a Ranger" (Thrax, Sentinel Knight's team, Alpha 6)
  • "Ronny on Empty" (Halloween)
  • "Things Not Said" (Mack revealed)
  • "Nothing to Lose" (Moltor's demise)
  • "Crown and Punishment" (Flurious destroyed, Mack reborn)

2008 (est.)

  • Pai Zhua's Master Mao considers Jarrod, Lily, and Theo as protectors but replaces Jarrod with novice Casey. The trio receives Morphers from R.J. after Jarrod frees Dai Shi. In Jarrod's body, Dai Shi is reunited with Camille.
  • Dai Shi resurrects Carnisoar, who alters Jarrod's past to erase his childhood virtue. Camille resurrects Jellica.
  • Grizzaka is revived. R.J. masters his wolf spirit to become the Wolf Ranger.
  • Dominic finds his calling as the Rhino Ranger. Carnisoar and Grizzaka fall, but Phantom Beast generals Scorch, Whiger, and Snapper are revived; they destroy Jellica and soon create the Spirit Rangers.
  • Whiger dies helping Casey. Casey confronts Jarrod, who ejects Dai Shi from his body. Snapper and Scorch are destroyed.
  • Dai Shi unleashes his spirit army; masters living and dead aid the Rangers, and Dai Shi is destroyed. Casey later begins teaching at Pai Zhua (Jarrod and Camille attend).
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, part 1" (Mao's selection, Dai Shi's escape, Morphers)
  • "Welcome to the Jungle, parts 1 & 2" (Theo and Lily have trained for years)
  • "Good Karma, Bad Karma" (Carnisoar resurrected, alters Jarrod's past)
  • "Pushed to the Edge" (Jellica resurrected)
  • "Bad to the Bone" (Grizzaka resurrected)
  • "Bad to the Bone" / "Friends Don't Fade Away" (Wolf Ranger)
  • "Path of the Rhino" (Rhino Ranger)
  • "Race to the Nexus" (Carnisoar destroyed, three crystal eyes)
  • "Arise the Crystal Eyes" (Grizzaka destroyed)
  • "Fear and the Phantoms" (Jellica frees generals, they destroy her; Spirit Rangers created)
  • "The Spirit of Kindness" (Whiger's demise)
  • "Path of the Righteous" (Casey rescues Jarrod, Snapper destroyed)
  • "Now the Final Fury" (Scorch destroyed, spirit army, Dai Shi destroyed, aftermath)

~2009–2011 (est.)

  • Serving SPD Earth as a Red Ranger of great renown, Officer Tate is killed in battle with the alien Mirloc. Tate's son Sky keeps his father's charred helmet.
  • "Beginnings, part 1" (legendary Red Ranger)
  • "Walls" (photo, young Sky's age estimated)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)
  • "Reflection" (death, Mirlock, helmet)


  • When the Nighlok attack once again, the latest generation of Samurai Rangers assemble; Yellow Ranger Serena has been replaced by her younger sister Emily, and Lauren remains in hiding.
  • Skull's son Spike begins training with Bulk.
  • Having built his own Morpher, Antonio joins the team as the Gold Ranger.
  • Deker scores an "ultimate duel" with Jayden and loses.
  • "Origins, part 1" (Samurai Rangers assemble)
  • "Origins, part 2" / "The Team Unites" (Spike begins training)
  • "Sticks and Stones" (Serena)
  • "Unexpected Arrival" / "Room for One More" (Antonio joins)
  • "The Ultimate Duel" (Deker's duel)
  • Scott pursues Professor Cog out of their dimension (see RPM timeline). Most of the Samurai Rangers visit Corinth.
  • Mia's brother visits near the start of summer break. The Bullzord is tamed.
  • Master Xandred dries out while helping Dayu. Deker betrays Serrator.
  • Lauren returns; Deker and Dayu die, and Jayden helps destroy Xandred.
  • Skull (now apparently wealthy) reclaims Spike. Kevin tries out for the Summer Olympics (summer 2012?).
  • "Clash of the Red Rangers" (Scott, Professor Cog, Corinth)
  • "Something Fishy" (Serrator)
  • "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" (Mia's brother, summer break)
  • "The Bullzord" (Bullzord)
  • "Stroke of Fate" (Deker vs. Serrator)
  • "Fight Fire with Fire" (Lauren returns)
  • "The Great Duel" (Deker's demise)
  • "The Sealing Symbol" (sealing symbol fails, Dayu dies)
  • "Samurai Forever" (Xandred destroyed, Skull arrives, Kevin and Olympics)

~2012–2013 (est.) ("many months" before downing ship)

  • On the planet Andresia, Orion finds a Morpher and Ranger Key in a quarry; over a week later, the Armada invades and wipes out most of the populace (all but Orion?). He learns to survive on his own and spends many months training, believing the Sixth Rangers from his visions want him to save other worlds.
  • "Silver Lining, part 2"

~2013 (est.) ("months" before "Silver Lining")

  • Orion downs an Armada ship; he will spend additional months repairing it before setting out in search of the Armada.
  • "Silver Lining, part 2"

2013–2014 (est.)

  • Vrak (son of Emperor Mavro) joins the Warstar aliens in attacking the Earth. Gosei recruits five teenagers as Mega Rangers.
  • Vrak allies with mutants Bigs and Bluefur. Robo Knight awakens.
  • Following the mutants' demise, Vrak constructs Metal Alice, and the Rangers destroy Admiral Malkor. Metal Alice rebuilds Vrak as a cyborg.
  • A messenger for the Armada arrives; Vrak goes into hiding, and Robo Knight vanishes (see below).
  • "Mega Mission" (Mega Rangers recruited)
  • "Robo Knight" (mutants, Robo Knight)
  • "Gosei Ultimate" (mutants destroyed)
  • "The Human Factor" (Metal Alice)
  • "The Human Condition" (Admiral Malkor destroyed, Vrak injured)
  • "The Messenger" (Vrak rebuilt, Messenger arrives)
  • "End Game" (Vrak hides, Robo Knight vanishes)
  • "Super Megaforce" / "All Hail Prince Vekar" (Vrak is Mavro's son)
  • Vrak's brother Prince Vekar leads an Armada fleet to invade the Earth. Now as Super Mega Rangers, the team uses the powers of past Ranger teams (some never before seen on Earth).
  • After unlocking the Delta Runner (an SPD Zord resembling SPD Red's future Zord) and the Mystic Dragon (a Zord resembling a Mystic Force combination), the Rangers find the Animarium and ally with the Red Lion.
  • Jayden grants additional Samurai powers to the team, and Casey trains Emma and Jake.
  • Orion arrives on Earth, unlocking the sixth-Ranger keys (and a Q-Rex Zord apparently from the future).
  • The Rangers venture into the RPM dimension and retrieve the Turbo Falcon Zord from Corinth. Professor Cog is destroyed (again).
  • Following Vekar's death, Vrak returns with Robo Knight as his slave. Robo Knight gives his life force to Orion, and Vrak is destroyed.
  • Emperor Mavro launches a full-scale invasion of Earth but falls to the Rangers. Past Ranger teams (curiously including Turbo, Time Force, SPD, and RPM) help the Mega Rangers finish off the Armada's ground forces in a “Legendary Battle.”
  • "End Game" / "Super Megaforce" (Armada arrives)
  • "Super Megaforce" (Super Mega Rangers)
  • "Earth Fights Back" (new modes, Delta Runner)
  • "Blue Saber Saga" (Mystic Dragon)
  • "A Lion's Alliance" (Animarium, Red Lion)
  • "Samurai Surprise" (Jayden)
  • "Spirit of the Tiger" (Casey)
  • "Silver Lining" (Orion, sixth-Ranger keys, Q-Rex)
  • "In the Driver's Seat" (Turbo Falcon Zord)
  • "All Hail Prince Vekar" (Vekar's death)
  • "Vrak is Back" (Vrak, Robo Knight)
  • "Emperor Mavro" (Mavro arrives)
  • "The Wrath" (Mavro launches invasion)
  • "Legendary Battle" (Mavro's demise, Legendary Battle)

~2014–2015 (est.)

  • Sam is the last child born to SPD pioneers; he will be living on the streets in 2025.
  • "Sam, part 2" (Sam, age estimated)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)

2015 (est.)

  • Some time prior, Kendall has helped Keeper find Energem users Chase and Koda. The Dino Charge team is completed as Tyler, Shelby, and Riley join with Energems of their own.
  • Sledge returns to Earth.
  • "Powers from the Past" (Tyler and Shelby)
  • "Past, Present and Fusion" (Riley; Chase, Koda, and Keeper)
  • "Powers from the Past" / "A Fool's Hour" (Sledge's return)
  • "Breaking Black" (Chase's Energem)

~2005–2020 (est.)

  • Emperor Gruumm conquers a number of galaxies (some of his forces provided by Broodwing?). Gruumm enlists Morgana and turns her into her preferred child form, Mora.
  • As Gruumm conquers Sirius, Doggie Cruger severs his horn.
  • On Earth, alien immigrants have been integrated into Newtech City (and elsewhere?); Doggie takes shelter here.
  • "Beginnings" / "Sam, part 2" (alien integration, Doggie on Earth)
  • "Confronted" / "Wired" (Mora/Morgana)
  • "Idol" / "Shadow part 1" (Sirius)
  • "Dismissed" (Gruumm's horn)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)
  • "Wormhole" (Gruumm has no conquests in early 2004)

2020 ("5 years" before "Beginnings")

  • 12-year-old Z runs away from her new school in Newtech City, branded a freak by her human and alien classmates; she is aided by Doggie (who later commands SPD Earth).
  • Z teams with young Jack, stealing to help disadvantaged aliens.
  • "Beginnings, part 1" (Jack and Z begin stealing 5 years prior to series)
  • "Sam, part 2" (12-year-old Z runs away, saved by Cruger)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)

2020 ("5 years" before "Beginnings")

  • Boom flunks out of SPD Earth, but Doggie (left) at some point enlists him as "chief gadget tester."
  • "Beginnings, part 2" (Boom)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)

2023 ("2 years" before "Beginnings")

  • SPD cadets Sky, Bridge, and Syd begin holographic training; they will be B-Squad by 2025 (if they aren't already).
  • Enticed by Broodwing, Sky's old friend Dru will soon abandon SPD.
  • "Beginnings, part 1"
  • "Idol" (Dru tempted "over a year" prior)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)

early 2025

  • Kat Manx issues Morphers to B-Squad; confinement card technology debuts. Jack and Z join.
  • Gruumm reaches Earth and purchases weapons from Broodwing. A-Squad secretly allies with Gruumm.
  • Sam moves into the Delta Base for some time.
  • Doggie becomes the Shadow Ranger (circa May/June, 2025).
  • Katana visits modern-day Kyoto.
  • "Beginnings" (Gruumm arrives, B-Squad, Jack and Z recruited)
  • "Confronted" / "Endings, part 1" (A-Squad defection)
  • "Sam" (Sam)
  • "Stakeout" (Syd's birthday celebrated)
  • "Shadow" (Shadow Ranger)
  • "Samurai" (Katana)
  • "Messenger, part 1" (series date of 2025)
  • "Zapped" (Syd is a Gemini: birthday between May 20 and June 21)

2025 (unresolved)

  • The former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers should now be aged 45–46 and may now have teen/adult children of their own.
  • Does Andros still pilot a Megaship? Did the Galaxy Rangers remain on Mirinoi? Does Lightspeed still exist?
  • Do Wes and Eric still lead the Silver Guardians? Who heads Bio-Lab, if it still exists?
  • Is the Animarium still in flight?
  • Are the Wind and Thunder ninjas still teaching at their respective schools?
  • The Dino Rangers are legendary by this point. Kira's music is well-known, Conner has launched a soccer foundation, and Ethan's software is widely implemented.
  • Do humans and magical creatures still coexist in Briarwood? Did Nick become a legendary wizard?
  • Who are the current Samurai Rangers? Have the Nighlok attacked again?
  • Did the Armada's invasion of Earth have any lasting repercussions?
  • "Shift into Turbo, part 1" (ages guessed for high school class of 1997)
  • "Journey's End" / "Trakeena's Revenge" / "Forever Red" (Mirinoi)
  • "The Fate of Lightspeed" / "Time for Lightspeed" / "Legendary Battle" (Lightspeed)
  • "Fight Against Fate" (Wes turns down role at Bio-Lab)
  • "The End of Time" / "Reinforcements from the Future" (Silver Guardians)
  • "Forever Red" (Megaship)
  • "Forever Red" / "Thunder Struck, part 2" / "Wormhole" (Tommy's legendary status)
  • "The End of the Power Rangers" / "A Lion's Alliance" (Animarium)
  • "Storm Before the Calm, part 2" / "Thunder Storm, part 1" (ninja schools)
  • "History" (Dino Rangers)
  • "The Light" (Nick)
  • "Mystic Fate, part 2" (Briarwood)
  • "Crown and Punishment" (Mack)
  • "Now the Final Fury" (Pai Zhua)
  • "Danger and Destiny" / "Clash of the Red Rangers" (Venjix)
  • "Origins, part 1" / "Samurai Forever" (Samurai, Nighlok)
  • "The Wrath" / "Legendary Battle" (Armada)

mid-2025 (without Omega)

  • On July 11, SPD Earth falls to Gruumm's forces, granting Gruumm a long-standing foothold on Earth. Sam survives.
  • "Messenger"

mid-late 2025 (with Omega)

  • The Omega Ranger (future Sam) arrives from 2040. On July 11, Boom picks up an ominous broadcast from 2040; once Omega wins a pivotal battle, Boom hears future elevator music instead (good?).
  • Sky borrows Jack's Morpher to defeat Mirloc.
  • Broodwing obtains the Dino Gems and summons the Dino teens from 2005. Their powers restored by Kat, the Dino Rangers team with SPD and are returned with no memories (but recharged gems?).
  • Gruumm and Mora briefly visit 2004, the SPD Rangers in pursuit.
  • A-Squad, Broodwing, Mora, and Gruumm are defeated and confined. Nova Ranger accompanies Sam back to the (revised?) future.
  • Jack retires; Sky and Bridge are promoted, and the rank of A-Squad is retired.
  • At some point, Doggie is promoted to supreme commander of SPD, with Sky replacing him as head of SPD Earth. Bridge becomes Red Ranger and will go back in time to help the Overdrive Rangers.
  • It's unknown from which point in time the SPD Rangers hailed to participate in the Legendary Battle. (Also note the Omega Ranger was seen in Orion's sixth-Ranger visions.)
  • "Samurai" (Omega arrives)
  • "Messenger" (Omega Ranger debuts, 2040)
  • "Reflection" (Mirloc, Battlizer)
  • "History" (Dino Rangers to 2025)
  • "Wormhole" (Gruumm to 2004)
  • "Endings, part 1" (A-Squad, Broodwing, and generals confined)
  • "Endings, part 2" (Nova Ranger, aftermath)
  • "Once a Ranger" (further promotions, Bridge as Red)
  • "Silver Lining, part 2" / "Power of Six" (Orion's visions)
  • "Legendary Battle" (Legendary Battle)

2040 (without Omega in 2025)

  • Years after the fall of SPD Earth, Emperor Gruumm continues to rule the planet. Grown-up Sam ventures into the past as the Omega Ranger.
  • Weeks later, on July 11, the resistance broadcasts a distress signal on the 15th anniversary of SPD's defeat.
  • "Messenger, part 1"

2040 (with Omega in 2025)

  • The state of Earth in the wake of Gruumm's defeat is unrevealed (but see 2135). Do Sam and Nova return to this future? Did the Nova seen in 2025 hail from this future or the left panel? Did any of these changes to history affect the future of Time Force?
  • Does Sky still head SPD Earth? How long did Bridge serve as Red Ranger?
  • "Messenger" (Earth saved?)
  • "Endings, part 2" (Nova Ranger, Gruumm captured)
  • "Once a Ranger" (Sky, Bridge)

~2045–2055 (est.) (unknown timeline)

  • In one possible timeline, Tommy and Kat have at least two grandchildren, one of whom is apparently a Ranger.
  • "A Season to Remember"

~2100 (a "hundred years" after 2001) (without Ransik in 2001)

  • "The Time Shadow" / "A Calm Before the Storm"

~2100 (with Ransik in 2001)

  • Trizirium crystals (left) were briefly researched anachronistically in 2001; did the halting of the research put the future back on track?
  • "A Calm Before the Storm"

2135 (with Omega in 2025)

  • An elevator music broadcast from July 11, 2135, is somehow received by Boom in 2025 (and is regarded as good news).
  • "Messenger, part 2"

~2200 ("200 years" after 2001) (without Ransik in 2001)

  • "Dawn of Destiny"

~2200 (with Ransik in 2001)

  • Serum (left) was synthesized anachronistically in 2001; did the halting of its production put the future back on track?
  • "Frax's Fury" / "Dawn of Destiny"

~30th century (est.)

  • A futuristic city stands amidst a ravaged environment. Designer babies are commonplace, and extraterrestrials are integrated into society, while free-willed robots seem unheard of.
  • Bio-tech accidents give rise to Ransik and other mutants; apparently shunned, some mutants develop a hatred of mankind.
  • "Force from the Future, part 1" (city, aliens)
  • "Ransik Lives" (designer babies, mutants arise, Ransik supposedly rejected)
  • "Worlds Apart" (robots not given free will)
  • "Reinforcements from the Future, part 2" (ravaged environment)

~30th century (some years before "Force from the Future") (est.)

  • Wandering the wastelands at some point, Ransik frees three Org spirits; they become Mut-Orgs and grant Ransik bodily blades.
  • Poisoned by another mutant, Ransik receives help from Dr. Ferricks in the form of a healing serum. Ransik rampages and steals the serum; left to die, Ferricks rebuilds himself as Frax.
  • Ransik dons a metal mask and organizes the mutant underclass into a militia. He also raises a spoiled daughter, Nadira (his offspring?).
  • "Force from the Future" (Nadira)
  • "Ransik Lives" (Ransik dons mask, forms militia)
  • "Frax's Fury" (serum, Dr. Ferricks)
  • "Reinforcements from the Future, part 2" (Mut-Orgs, Ransik's blades)

~30th century (est.)

  • As Time Force experiments with time travel, the Q-Rex (powered by Trizirium energy) and Quantum Morpher are lost in time.
  • "The Quantum Quest" (Q-Rex and Morpher lost, Ransik's recognition, Rangers' apparent unfamiliarity with Q-Rex)
  • "The End of Time" (Trizirium power)

~late 30th century (no more than a few years before "Force from the Future")

  • The Time Force Police arrest most of Ransik's gang. Alex provides support as the Red Time Force Ranger, while four other Morphers remain unused.
  • Alex coaches (and becomes romantically involved with) discouraged cadet Jen. After a brief partnership with Steelix, Jen partners with Alex. Her friends at Time Force will include Katie, Trip, and Lucas (below).
  • "Force from the Future, part 1" (lone Alex, other Morphers in storage, Jen and Alex a couple; Lucas, Katie, and Trip in Time Force)
  • "Jen's Revenge" (Jen and Alex partners, arrest Fatcatfish)
  • "Trust and Triumph" (Jen trains under Alex)
  • "Time Force Traitor" (Steelix)


  • By 3000, the Time Force Police have cleared the city of all known criminals except Ransik (Nadira and Frax are also free).
  • Alex arrests Ransik as he tries to escape into the past. Alex and Jen get engaged.
  • Ransik seemingly kills Alex and escapes to 2001; Jen and her teammates follow with Morphers (though red remains locked to Alex's DNA).
  • "Force from the Future"

3000 (with Ransik in 2001)

  • Still alive, Alex serves as the mysterious head of Time Force (was this always true or a result of changes to history?). Alex monitors the concurrently unfolding events of 2001 and eventually sends the Time Shadow to help.
  • As Frax prepares Dragontron in the past, Alex grows concerned with deviations from the history banks and travels back to intervene. He returns after healing Mr. Collins on his deathbed (the impact of this change is unknown).
  • Alex later blocks Circuit's remote access to the history banks as a time hole crisis looms in the past. Alex rescues his team with a Timeship (they died originally), but, learning of Wes's death in the past, the team goes back to save the day. They return to the future with Ransik in custody.
  • The future appears relatively unaffected regardless of whether Silver Hills was or wasn't destroyed in 2001 (and was this also the case whether or not Emperor Gruumm conquered the Earth?).
  • "The Time Shadow" (Alex monitors past, sends Time Shadow)
  • "Time Force Traitor" (Alex concerned, outranks Captain Logan)
  • "Dawn of Destiny" (Alex to 2001)
  • "Fight Against Fate" (Alex has allowed Rangers' previous actions)
  • "Destiny Defeated" (Alex changes history, returns to 3000)
  • "Circuit Unsure" (Circuit's access blocked, impact of alternate Collins family history apparently minimal)
  • "The End of Time, part 1" (Alex sends timeship to rescue four officers)
  • "The End of Time, part 2" (four arrive, refuse memory adaptation)
  • "The End of Time, part 3" (Rangers return with Ransik)
  • "Reinforcements from the Future, part 1" (impact of Silver Hills' survival apparently minimal)


  • The Mut-Orgs travel back to 2002 in search of Dr. Adler, whom they describe as the "true" Master Org. Jen follows.
  • Wes later contacts Trip from 2002; Ransik and Nadira accompany the Rangers into the past to stop the Mut-Orgs. When (if?) Ransik returns to the future, he will be free of mutant DNA.
  • "Reinforcements from the Future"

3013 (est.)

  • A Q-Rex Zord (same name as the Quantum Ranger's Q-Rex but a different design) appears to depart Time Force's city when summoned by Orion in the year 2014.
  • In the past, the full Time Force team appears in the Legendary Battle; did Jen and her teammates travel back in time from 3013 to participate?
  • "Silver Lining, part 2" (Q-Rex summoned; 999 years added to Super Megaforce's estimated year)
  • "Legendary Battle" (Legendary Battle)