Power Rangers RPM Timeline

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Blue panels are considered "in-continuity" within the context of Power Rangers RPM (2009 season). Gray panels reflect other seasons' interactions with RPM elements from a dimension which may or may not be in-continuity with the 2009 season.

Before Venjix

~8 years before Venjix (before K's sixth birthday)

  • Alphabet Soup abducts a child prodigy who will later be known as "Dr. K"; she will turn six in the facility.
  • "Doctor K" (origin, abducted before 6th birthday; apparently 12th birthday was 2 years before Venjix)

3 years before Venjix ("3 years before the Venjix virus attack")

  • Dr. K's engineering team discovers the bio-field, allowing for the creation of Ranger bio-suits. K will eventually meet test pilots Gem and Gemma.
  • The Paleozord and other failed technology will be buried in a mountain range and later sealed inside Corinth.
  • "Rain" (3 years, bio-field discovery, bio-suits)
  • "Doctor K" (Dr. K meets Gem and Gemma)
  • "Ancient History" (mountain range, Paleozord)

2 years before Venjix (est.) (K age 12?)

  • Apparently on her twelfth birthday, Dr. K is asked to create a "very special" computer program (Venjix?).
  • "Doctor K" (computer program, apparently 12 candles on cake)

Venjix Unleashed

Venjix year 1 ("3 years" before start of "The Road to Corinth")

  • Some time after celebrating her 14th birthday with Gem and Gemma, Dr. K discovers she isn't "allergic to sunlight."
  • Dr. K unveils Project Venjix, a computer virus designed to help her escape with Gem and Gemma (she has also been using it to help with Project Ranger). K is seized before she can install a firewall, and Venjix is unleashed on the world.
  • Within a year, the virus will have infected 37% of the world's computer systems.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (37%)
  • "Doctor K" (14th birthday, sunlight, Venjix's creation, accidental release)
  • "Ancient History" (Dr. K trains Venjix, it helps with Project Ranger)

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • Venjix's armies begin a surprise offensive against mankind. Omega City is left in ruins.
  • Venjix turns a number of humans (including Cpl. Hicks) into unwitting robot hybrids.
  • Venjix seizes the world's communication, power, and defense systems. Europe, Africa, and South America are reportedly "decimated."
  • Venjix ultimately declares victory.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (summary of attacks)
  • "Ranger Yellow, part 1" / "Ranger Blue" / "Ranger Red" (attacks quick and unexpected)
  • "Embodied" (Omega City)
  • "End Game" (hybrids)

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • In Scotland, Flynn has been fired from a number of jobs.
  • At their garage, Flynn and his dad are surprised by Venjix's air strikes. They will make their way to Corinth.
  • "Ranger Blue"

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • Summer plans her own posh surprise party as her parents are delayed in London.
  • During Venjix's air strikes, Summer's friends abandon her, and her butler dies helping her to Corinth.
  • "Ranger Yellow"

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • Col. Truman oversees his sons Marcus and Scott in the Air Force's Eagle Squad.
  • Scott is surprised to have to fly without computers during a Venjix air strike.
  • "Ranger Red"

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • As Alphabet Soup is shaken by Venjix's air strikes, Dr. K records a message urging people to take shelter in Corinth.
  • Gem and Gemma survive with the gold and silver Morphers in their possession.
  • K transports a case of Ranger-tech to Corinth.
  • "Doctor K" (Dr. K's escape)
  • "Embodied" / "Ghosts" / "In or Out" (Gem and Gemma's survival)

~Venjix year 4 (est.)

  • Ziggy seeks to join Fresno Bob's Scorpion Cartel but repeatedly fails his driving test.
  • Bob's hideout is hit with air strikes as sightings of Venjix's robot soldiers begin to surface.
  • "Ranger Green"

Venjix year 4 (Battle of Corinth)

  • The night before the Battle of Corinth, Eagle Squad attempts to reclaim the skies. Marcus dies, while Scott ejects to safety.
  • Corinth loses air support over an hour before the shields go up.
  • Scott radios for help; Summer (left) races him back to Corinth just before the gates close.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (air support lost)
  • "Ranger Red" (Scott, Marcus, air battle, Summer's rescue)

Venjix year 4 (seen at start of "The Road to Corinth")

  • People are urged to flee to the domed city of Corinth before its shields go up. As the Battle of Corinth rages, air cover is ultimately lost (see fourth column).
  • Retreating into the city, Col. Truman orders the shields raised. He will seek to defend the city in an effort to somehow "outlast" Venjix.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (Battle of Corinth)
  • "Embodied" (plan to "outlast" Venjix)

Venjix year 4 (Battle of Corinth)

  • Flynn and his dad arrive at Corinth.
  • Flynn borrows a bus to rescue people stranded outside; air battles continue in the skies above.
  • Flynn returns with a bus full of people just before the shields go up.
  • "The Road to Corinth" / "Ranger Blue"

Venjix year 4 (Battle of Corinth)

  • Summer finds her parents in Corinth.
  • Hearing Scott's signal (right), Summer takes a bike and retrieves him just before the gates close.
  • "The Road to Corinth" / "Ranger Red" / "Ranger Yellow, part 2"

Venjix year 4 (Battle of Corinth)

  • Ziggy comes to Corinth with the Scorpion Cartel.
  • With his mentor Benny, Ziggy will begin collecting money from friends at an orphanage.
  • "Ranger Green"

~Venjix year 4–5 (est.)

  • At some point following the Battle of Corinth, the world is deemed "post-apocalyptic," and Corinth is "the last human city on Earth." Few humans survive in the wasteland outside of Corinth. In a hidden palace, Venjix has created robotic generals.
  • A blind teen (later known as Tenaya) is held at a Venjix factory, where she speaks with Gem and Gemma (fourth column). Here, she loses a pocketwatch key (the other is held by her brother, later known as Dillon).
  • Tenaya and Dillon are reunited at Venjix's palace, where both are turned into robotic hybrids. Tenaya falls into a vat which will complete her transformation, and Dillon's memories are stolen.
  • His modifications "incomplete," Dillon somehow ends up in the wasteland. He will salvage a car and obtain limited supplies on his search for someone he doesn't clearly remember.
  • General Kilobyte somehow ends up in the wasteland as well; he will walk over 4,300 miles before finding his way back.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (Dillon's supplies; generals Crunch and Shifter)
  • "The Road to Corinth" / "Rain" (Dillon's quest for someone)
  • "The Road to Corinth" / "Heroes Among Us" (little life in wasteland)
  • "Rain" / "Blitz" / "Heroes Among Us" / "Key to the Past" (Dillon and sister turned into hybrids)
  • "Blitz" (memories stolen, modifications incomplete)
  • "Embodied" / "Ghosts" ("post-apocalyptic")
  • "In or Out" / "Belly of the Beast" (Corinth said to be last human city on Earth)
  • "The Dome Dolls" (Kilobyte)

~Venjix year 4–5 (est.)

  • In Corinth, Summer postpones her arranged marriage for one year. She lives among the "normal people" and is ultimately chosen as Ranger Yellow (right).
  • "Ranger Yellow, part 1"

~Venjix year 4–5 (est.)

  • Scott, Summer, and Flynn pass Dr. K's rigorous tests to become RPM Rangers.
  • According to a news article, Flynn (as Ranger Blue) at some point makes "impressions around the world" (!).
  • "Rain" (requirements)
  • "Ranger Blue" (article, if it's to be believed)

~Venjix year 4–5 (est.)

  • Gem and Gemma are imprisoned in a Venjix factory, where they share a cell next to Dillon's sister (first column) before escaping.
  • As Rangers Gold and Silver, the duo launch "merciless" attacks against Venjix's forces.
  • "In or Out" (merciless campaign)
  • "Prisoners" (factory)

~Venjix year 4–5 (est.)

  • As all five cartels in Corinth await a shipment of $5 million of stolen medical supplies, Ziggy is sent to pick them up.
  • Ziggy secretly delivers the medicine to the orphanage and quickly leaves the city with Benny's help.
  • "Go for the Green" / "Run Ziggy Run" ($5 million)
  • "Ranger Green" (five cartels, medical supplies, Benny)


Venjix year 5 ("1 year" after start of "The Road to Corinth")

  • Seeking supplies, Dillon meets Ziggy, who directs him to Corinth. Detected as a hybrid upon approach, Dillon is arrested, but he joins the RPM Rangers. Soon, Tenaya 7 debuts.
  • Ziggy becomes Ranger Green. Cpl. Hicks reports a number of recent "false positives" during his scans for infiltrators.
  • False memories lure Dillon to the ruins of Omega City, where Venjix battles the Rangers in bodily form. Gem and Gemma destroy said body, but he later transfers into others.
  • General Kilobyte returns. The Paleozord is awakened.
  • Dillon discovers Tenaya's identity; she helps the Rangers before being turned into Tenaya 15. Venjix inhabits a fourth (final?) body.
  • The hybrids of Corinth are activated. Venjix accesses the bio-field to "delete" a number of Zords (and Gem and Gemma). Dr. K's antidote breaks Venjix's control over Dillon and Tenaya.
  • Tenaya injects a counter-virus into Venjix's systems, and K restores Gem and Gemma. Venjix's body is crushed.
  • Scott, Gem, and Gemma join Eagle Squadron. Dillon and Tenaya set out with Summer to rebuild the world, which appears to be recovering rapidly. Dr. K locks the Morphers in a case as one glows ominously.
  • "The Road to Corinth" (Dillon meets Ziggy, Dillon's reading suspicious, they enter Corinth)
  • "Fade to Black" (Dillon intended to resupply, arrested and invited to join, Tenaya 7 arises)
  • "Go for the Green" (Hicks' false positives, Ziggy becomes Green)
  • "Embodied" (Dillon's false memories)
  • "Embodied" / "Ghosts" (Venjix's first body, Gem and Gemma help)
  • "Ghosts" (Venjix's second body)
  • "Heroes Among Us" (Venjix's third body destroyed)
  • "The Dome Dolls" (Kilobyte returns)
  • "Ancient History" (Paleozord)
  • "Key to the Past" (Tenaya's identity revealed)
  • "Beyond a Doubt" (Tenaya recaptured)
  • "Control-Alt-Delete" (Tenaya 15)
  • "Control-Alt-Delete" / "Run Ziggy Run" (Venjix's fourth body)
  • "End Game" (hybrids, antidote in development)
  • "Danger and Destiny" (finale)

2012 (est.) (unknown placement relative to RPM)

  • "Clash of the Red Rangers"

Super Megaforce

~2013–2014 (est.)

  • On Earth, the RPM Gold and Silver Rangers appear to Orion in sixth-Ranger visions.
  • In the RPM dimension, Corinth appears futuristic, having been "at peace for a long time." Professor Cog releases the Turbo Falcon Zord, luring the Super Mega Rangers from Earth to Corinth. The Rangers ally with the Zord and return home to defeat Professor Cog.
  • Some time later, the RPM Rangers (all seven?) participate in the Legendary Battle on Earth.
  • "Silver Lining, part 2" / "Power of Six" (Orion's visions)
  • "In the Driver's Seat" (Corinth, Turbo Falcon Zord)
  • "Legendary Battle" (Legendary Battle)